Fatbabs revient aux bases avec son dernier titre « On a Daily »

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Fatbabs is our new find on the musical planet, an atypical beatmaker specializing in hip-hop, reggae, soul, funk and jazz. The artist wants to be a very productive beatmaking ace: after his last EP in 2017, he is ready to start a new musical journey that he will unveil this summer through a new EP. Fatbabs intends to delight its specialist hip-hop and reggae fans by releasing « On a Daily » a sort of appetizer for this new project. On this title, the young artist develops a soaring universe with an instrumental oscillating between hip-hop, jazz and trip-hop, his favorite touch. this title announces its return with an authentic and fluid visual revealing the daily life of the beatmaker from the best place where he takes pleasure in creating.

On the EP he is preparing Fatbabs will seek to deliver more of this rich and diversified musical trip that illustrates his personal story. With his generosity, he will be able to return to the basics with a passionate work carrying in it a bit of all the musical genres he likes.

Watch « On a Daily »

banniere sur article 2023

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